Where to stay in Miami: best areas & places

Find out all about where to stay in Miami. Stay in the main areas, be close to everything and make the most of your trip to this destination. Miami is a very large tourist city with several nice areas to stay in. Most tourists who go there prefer to stay in Miami Beach, which is the most touristy and trendy part, but you should know that there are other locations that are just as good and have even more attractive prices.

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See below for a map of the main areas of Miami:

The colored area is the tourist center of Miami and the island in purple is Miami Beach.

Best region: Miami Beach

Miami Beach
is the best and most sought-after place to stay in Miami, making it our top tip for your stay there. For those who don’t know, this is an island surrounded by beautiful beaches and connected to the city by a few large bridges.

Miami Beach is home to the city’s main tourist attractions, such as the famous Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road. It’s also home to the best restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the area.

If you’re looking for fun and excitement, Miami Beach and South Beach are the ideal places to stay in Miami. You should also be aware that there are plenty of hotels to choose from, but they are the most expensive in the whole city. That said: do you have a looser budget? Don’t think twice and check out the hotels in Miami Beach. Now, if you want to save money, keep reading and we’ll show you other alternatives for a quality stay in this Florida city.

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Just enter the date of your trip to see the prices and choose yours. If you stay within the orange line shown on the map, there’s no mistake.

Other areas to stay in Miami

Downtown Miami

A great place to stay in Miami is Downtown Miami, which is the city’s commercial center. There is a huge choice of accommodation there, so you can get a really nice hotel for a very cheap price.

In addition to the large commercial buildings and executive life, Downtown offers good shopping and plenty of restaurants and bars.

Another plus is that the area is close to everything, making it an excellent location. Two great neighborhoods to stay in are Brickell and Midtown. Both are safe, with great hotels and perfect for tourists. And if you’re driving, you’ll be in Miami Beach in less than 10 minutes. Show, right?

Neighborhoods north of Miami

Miami is huge and there are other areas close to the city that are also great options for those who are more interested in resting and enjoying their trip in a more relaxed way. Two great places, for example, are
Boca Raton
and Fort Lauderdale, which are only 30 minutes from Miami Beach and are quieter areas with fewer tourists. The cool thing is that they also have beautiful, paradisiacal beaches, excellent for sunny days there.

One thing that’s not so attractive about these locations is that they don’t have the huge amount of shops, bars and nightclubs that you find further down in South Beach. However, you should know that they are charming areas that are very close to the Sawgrass Mills Outlet and Aventura Mall, which are some of the best places to shop in Miami.

Hotels we’ve stayed in on recent trips:

How to find great hotels at incredible prices in Miami

1- Use the hotel finder: If you want to save a lot on accommodation and get a nice hotel in Miami, a great tip is to use this hotel finder.
Miami Hotel Finder
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2- Free cancellation tip: Another very good tip is that this search engine has a very strong partnership with the establishments and they offer free cancellation with almost all hotels. This is great, because the factor that will save you the most on accommodation is advance notice. This is the most important tip. The earlier you book, the cheaper you’ll pay. So you can book your hotel now to guarantee the lowest price, and if you later find a better one or don’t want to stay there, just cancel.

Where to buy your tickets for Miami attractions

There is a VERY good website to buy all the tickets in Miami. It is the largest ticket website in the world and has all the tours, museums, excursions and even ticket combos such as the Miami Explorer Pass, which saves you a lot of money.

Boat trip in Miami

It’s this
site here
which is the cheapest we’ve found, and the cool thing about it is that it offers everything in reais and in Portuguese. It’s also where we always buy the transfer from the airport to the hotel, which is cheaper than a cab and safer. In general, we always buy almost everything there.

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Important tips for those going to Miami

After explaining everything about where to stay in Miami, there are some important tips that anyone going to Miami needs to know. The first is that everything in Miami is far away. The beaches, outlets and tourist attractions are not very close to each other. That’s why Miami is a destination where we think it’s essential to rent a car, as well as Orlando and California. If you want, then check out our tips on
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Car rental in Miami

The second tip is that Miami is huge. That’s why you need to be well located to make the most of your trip. If you like, check out our article on
where to stay in Miami
to stay in the best areas, close to the tourist attractions and the main beaches.

Best areas in Miami: Miami Beach

The third tip is to be able to use your cell phone at will in Miami, as it turns out to be essential. You can use maps to get to places, apps for beaches and tourist attractions, discount coupon apps, restaurants nearby and, of course, stay connected on social media to show everyone your trip.

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Use your cell phone at will in Miami

Important travel insurance tips

Another very important tip is to take out international travel insurance. If you like, check out our article on
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Travel Insurance in Miami

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