Travel Insurance for Miami

Here’s everything you need to know about travel insurance for Miami, with tips on how to get great insurance at an unbeatable price. For those who don’t know, international travel insurance is highly recommended for anyone planning to leave Brazil, and in some places, such as Europe, it is even compulsory.

Travel Insurance for Miami

If you want to save money on your trip, see our article on
tips to save a lot in Miami
. These are unmissable tips that will save you a lot of money. With all these suggestions, you’ll end up planning a much cheaper trip and spending a lot less there. Now, here are all the tips on travel insurance for Miami.

Best International Travel Insurance Companies

The world’s leading and trusted insurers are Affinity, My Travel Assist, Travel Ace, Vital Card, Assist Med, Green Card and GTA. These companies are known worldwide, have offices in Brazil, 24-hour service in Portuguese and generally have the best prices. Any of these insurers will be a great choice and will provide good travel insurance.

Travel Insurance for Miami

How much does travel insurance cost to Miami?

International travel insurance is cheaper than people think and varies according to the number of days and the destination of your trip. On average, good insurance for Miami can range from 10 to 30 reais per day. It’s well worth getting one considering all the coverage they provide. In the United States, an emergency doctor’s visit can cost up to 300 dollars and hospitalization or surgery can cost a fortune.

Hospitals, dentists and hospitals in Miami tend to be very expensive and the cost to those who end up needing to use one of these services on their trip is enormous.

Value of Travel Insurance in Miami

Where to get travel insurance at the lowest price?

An excellent tip for finding great travel insurance at the best price for the whole of the United States or anywhere else in the world is to use this Travel Insurance ComparatorThis is an incredible tool that does a complete search of the main and largest insurance companies in the United States and the world, and you can even choose the one you think is best.

Just enter your destination and the number of days you’ll be abroad. You’ll find incredible prices and reliable insurance. After researching, you can sign up in less than 5 minutes online and receive your policy by email. It’s the place we always find the cheapest prices.

Is it really necessary to take out travel insurance?

Travel insurance is so important that for Europe, for example, it is compulsory to have international travel insurance in order to enter any country. Some people consider taking out medical assistance or medical insurance for their international trips, but these end up being more expensive than travel insurance, which already includes medical assistance and many other benefits.

If you’re traveling to Miami or anywhere else in the world, make sure you hire one. If you’re traveling with a travel agency, you can take out insurance on your own, even online, which is usually much cheaper than the agency’s insurance.

The importance of good travel insurance in Miami

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Important tips for those going to Miami

After explaining everything about travel insurance for Miami, there are some important tips that anyone going to Miami needs to know. The first is that everything in Miami is far away. The beaches, outlets and tourist attractions are not very close to each other.

That’s why Miami is a destination where we think it’s essential to rent a car, as well as Orlando and California. If you want, then check out our tips on
how to rent a cheap car in Miami
with everything you need to know about the subject and how to find unbeatable prices using price comparators.


The second tip is that Miami is huge. That’s why you need to be well located to make the most of your trip. If you like, check out our article on
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to stay in the best areas, close to the tourist attractions and the main beaches.

Miami Beach

The third tip is to be able to use your cell phone at will in Miami, as it turns out to be essential. You can use maps to get to places, apps for beaches and tourist attractions, discount coupon apps, restaurants nearby and, of course, stay connected on social media to show everyone your trip.

And the main tip is that you’ll save about 100 dollars by not having to rent a GPS for the car, as you’ll be using the one on your cell phone. If you want, check out our tips on
prepaid SIM cards to use your cell phone in the USA
. It’s super cheap and you can use your cell phone all day long. And with the internet on your cell phone, you’ll be able to research everything about travel insurance for Miami.

Using your cell phone in Miami

Great hotels for great prices in Miami

If you want to save a lot on accommodation and get a nice hotel in Miami, a great tip is to use this
Miami Hotel Finder
. It’s the largest hotel search engine in the world, so it’s the safest place to book and has the most hotel options and promotions. We always do our research and end up booking our hotels there, because they always have the best price and so we don’t have any problems with the booking.

And the search tool is great, because you can filter the hotels by “Region”, it has the “Guest reviews” note and you can put “Very good upwards” to have a search with the best hotels, in the best regions and with excellent reviews. It’s a guarantee of excellent accommodation at the best price. And it has the opinion of many Brazilians, which helps a lot when evaluating each hotel.

Best place to stay in Miami: Miami Beach

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